Scottish Country Dances Books 7-12

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Scottish Country Dances Books 7-12

This volume covers all dances from Books 7-12 which were first published between 1931 and 1938. They have been revised to bring consistency and greater clarity to the descriptions and use standard terminology.

Book 7

  1. Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart
  2. Red House or Where woudl Bonnie Annie Lie?
  3. The Priest and his Books
  4. Ye'll aye be welcome back again
  5. Lady Mary Menzie's Reel
  6. The Menzies' Rant
  7. Come Ashore Jolly tar
  8. Tartan Plaidie
  9. Captain Macdonald's Fancy
  10. Hamilton House
  11. Mid Lothian
  12. The Braes of Tullimet

Book 8

  1. Tulloch gorm
  2. Peggy's Love
  3. Calver Lodge
  4. The Lovers' Knot
  5. The River Cree
  6. The Lass o'Livingston
  7. Braes of Atholl
  8. The Bleu Ribbon
  9. Jessie's Hornpipe
  10. Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie
  11. Tibby Fowler o'the Glen
  12. Off she goes or Follow her over the Borders

Book 9

  1. Miss Clemy Stewart's Reel
  2. The Jimp Waist
  3. The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper
  4. My Love she's but a Lassie yet
  5. Mrs Grant's Fancy
  6. Dalkeith's Strathspey
  7. The New Rigged Ship
  8. The Braes of Busby
  9. Madge Wildfire's Strathspey
  10. Cadgers in the Canongate
  11. Cauld Kail
  12. The Birks of Abergeldie

Book 10

  1. The Montgomeries' Rant
  2. The Infare or Will ye go and marry Ketty?
  3. General Stuart's Reel or The New Way of Gildon
  4. Lady Jean Murray's Rant
  5. Crieff Fair
  6. The Shepherd's Crook
  7. The Isle of Skye
  8. Maggie Lauder
  9. The Scots Bonnet
  10. There's Nae Luck about the Hoose
  11. Miss Mary Douglas
  12. The Lady's Breist Knot

Book 11

  1. Knit the Pocky
  2. Monymusk
  3. Johnny McGill
  4. Inch of Perth
  5. Sleepy Maggie
  6. Dainty Davie
  7. The Moudiewort
  8. The Long Chase
  9. Glasgow Flourish
  10. Invercauld's Reel
  11. Rakes of Glasgow
  12. Miss Murray of Ochtertyre

Book 12

  1. Grant's Reel
  2. Green grow the Rashes or John Black's Daughter
  3. Jenny dang the Weaver or Musselborough
  4. The Laird of Dumbiedyke's Favourite
  5. Fiddle Faddle
  6. Kiss me quick, my Mither's coming or Bonny Jocky
  7. The Yellow-Haired Laddie
  8. The Reel of Glamis or The Clever Lad
  9. Sodger Laddie
  10. The Black Dance
  11. The Earl of Home
  12. The Machine without Horses
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