Vive La Danse!
[B 2131]

Vive La Danse!
Vive La Danse – Fifteen Scottish Country Dances by Iain Boyd >
  1. Vive La Danse
  2. Reach For The Stars
  3. Roll Back The Carpet
  4. Tae Ane An’ A’
  5. The Harbour Capital/Supreme By Positon
  6. Habour Lights
  7. The Hillside In Bloom
  8. A Sign Of The Times
  9. Caught By The Wind
  10. The Moon At The Bottom Of The Sea
  11. Raising The Anchor
  12. The Spanish Man-Of-War
  13. The Wind On The Heath
  14. Scarlet And Gold
  15. Auld Year’s Nicht