Merse Companion Tunebook (M. Johnstone)

Merse Companion Tunebook (M. Johnstone)
The music in this volume contains all the tunes recorded on Dancing Fingers 5
for the dances in The Merse Collection.

By Muriel Johnstone

  • Anna Mairi Lumsden
  • Catherine Urquhart Easton
  • Elizabeth Jane McLaren
  • High Rig Hornpipe
  • Hole-In-One Hornpipe, The
  • Irene McLean of Duns
  • John Anthony Ireland
  • Matthew Robert Stonehouse
  • Miss Audrey Benzies' Reel
  • Nigel's Fine Tune
  • Peter Francis Lumsden
  • Rice-a-Roni Hornpipe, The
  • Trip to Pitlochry, A
  • Abercorn
  • Battlements, The
  • Breakish Postie, The
  • Elaine Wallace Brunken
  • Gillian's Air
  • Highland Welcome, A
  • Inmans of Allanton, The
  • Margaret Shaw
  • Mrs Jean Austin
  • Sheila Gardiner's Strathspey
  • Carousel, The (jig)
  • Ewan Telford's Jig (jig)
  • Rocking Horse, The (Strathspey)
  • Tailors of Allanton, The (Strathspey)
  • Chieftan, The
  • Edinburgh Lady, An
  • Hamilton's Girls
  • Keith of Kylin
  • King's Tower
  • Len Ackerman's Jig
  • Lin Wood's Jig
  • Sheena's Buckle
  • Taghairm
  • WAR 1X

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