A Collection of Bagpipe Tunes for SCD by Bill Clement MBE and Fr
[B 2007]

A Collection of Bagpipe Tunes for SCD by Bill Clement MBE and Fr
A Collection of Bagpipe Tunes for Scottish Country Dancing by Bill Clement MBE and Friends
Sold in aid of "Wallace Hall Academy Young Pipers"

  1. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
  2. The Saltire Society (for the Saltire Society Reel, RSCDS Leaflet)
  3. The 24th October (for the dance Atsuko's Wedding by Bob Grant)
  4. Lady Charlotte Anne's Wedding March (suitable for Highland Schottische)
  5. A Jig for Charlotte Anne
  6. The Colonel's Quickstep (for the dance The Colonel is a Lady, by John Drewry)
  7. Nick Randall's Jig
  8. Madame McKerrell of Hillhouse (for the step dance Blue Bonnets from Hill Ms.) 1841
  9. Mr. Yasumoro's Strathspey (for the dance by Kiyohiko Miyakawa)
  10. His Grace Duke John
  11. Muse Cottage, for Muriel Johnstone and Bill Zobel
  12. Atsuko's Waltz
  13. Duke Richard's March (suitable for Gay Gordons)
  14. Lady Louisa Scott's Wedding March
  15. Angus, 15th Duke of Hamilton
  16. The Reel of the Transvaal Scottish (for the dance by Aad Boode)
  17. Barcelona (for the dance by Atsuko Clement)
  18. Bill's Double Forte, by Hugh Drysdale BEM (for the dance 30 Years On, by Atsuko Clement
  19. Amanda's Wedding (second tune for the dance 30 Years On)
  20. Bill Clement, by Nancy Dickson
  21. The Atholl Highlanders Trip; to the USA

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