Second Tullich Collection, The
[B 2089]

Second Tullich Collection, The
The 2nd Tullich Collection
(The House on the Hill

11 new Scottish Country Dances by the devisor of
The Ruthven Collections.
One additional dance is included as an insert, and the last 16 bars of Dufus Lassie (previously published) are pesented in modified form.

Original tunes composed by Colin Dewar for eight of the dances are included .
Suitable recorded music is suggested for the other four.

Many of the dances incorporate a new set configuration called The Ruthven Formation:
1C and 3C, in the middle, face each other up and down the set, with women on the right hand of their partners;
2C, on the sides, face each other across the set between 1C and 3C.

  1. Strathspey for Kenny Thompson 32S3C Ruthven Fm.
  2. Jennie's Strathspey 32S3C Ruthven Fm.
  3. Buchanan Street Strathspey (Glasgow) 32S3C Longwise
  4. Fingal's Cave 32S3C Longwise
  5. Princes Street Strathspey (Edinburgh) 32S3C Ruthven Fm.
  6. Union Street Strathspey (Aberdeen) 32S3C Longwise
  7. Freedom Reel 48R4C Longwise
  8. The Spinning Jenny 48R4C Longwise
  9. Fingal's Cave (The Storm) 48R4C Longwise
  10. The Alpine Strathspey 32S3C Longwise
  11. Up and Doon the Doldenhorn 32J3C Ruthven Fm.
  12. Malcolm on Parade (Inserted dance) 32R4C Longwise

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