60th Anniversary Book, Lower Hutt
[B 2091]

60th Anniversary Book, Lower Hutt
60th Anniversary Book
Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club

The twelve dances have been devised by current or past members of the club, or were written
for Lower Hutt Club members by other dancers in the Wellington (New Zealand) area.
They range from dances suitable for children, to one or two that will challenge experienced dancers.
The dances are rated by difficulty, and by the energy needed to dance them.

Sheet music is provided for five of the dances.
A CD of music for this book, recorded by New Zealand bands, is available from TACSound.

  1. Dancing Butterflies 32R3C (4C set)
  2. Sparkle in her Eyes 32R3C (4C set)
  3. Snow Flurries 32S3C (3C set)
  4. Monica 48R3C (3C set)
  5. Autumn Tidings 32J3C (4C set)
  6. Salute to Alison 32S3C (3C set)
  7. The Garden City Jig 32J3C (4C set)
  8. A Rose in the Valley 128M(64S64J)4C (square set)
  9. A Reel Challenge 32J3C (4C set)
  10. Haywards Hill 32S3C (3C set)
  11. Whither Turns the Wedderburn 32R3C (4D Set)
  12. The Mystery of the Star sapphire 32S3C (4C set)

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