RSCDS Medal Tests for Young Dancers
[B 1889]

RSCDS Medal Tests for Young Dancers

Medal Tests for Young Dancers


The Medal Tests for Young Dancers were introduced in 2003 and are proving increasingly popular. Many of the teachers involved in presenting candidates have access to the original dance instructions but it was felt that a single booklet of all the instructions could prove convenient and useful. The instructions given here generally follow the format in the most recent edition of the RSCDS books but, as noted below, changes have been made in some cases in order to describe particular formations in a consistent manner.

Table of Contents
    Introductory Award
  1. A Reel for Jeannie
  2. Cumberland Reel
  3. The Dhoon
  4. The Flying Scotsman
    The Flying Scotsman (alternative version)

  5. Grade 1
  6. A Jig for Mrs Dunn
  7. The Honeymoon
  8. Joe MacDiarmid's Jig
  9. Le Papillon
  10. Galloway House

  11. Grade 2
  12. Kendall's Hornpipe
  13. Mrs. Stewart's Jig
  14. Ways in New Hall
  15. The Deil amang the Tailors
  16. Lady C. Bruce's Reel
  17. Espie McNabb

  18. Grade 3
  19. Duke of Perth
  20. Mrs MacLeod
  21. Scottish Reform
  22. The Reel of the 51st Division
  23. The Maids of Currie
  24. Ladies' Fancy

  25. Grade 4
  26. Maxwell's Rant
  27. The Express
  28. La Flora
  29. Lord Rosslyn's Fancy
  30. The Cumbrae Reel
  31. Brechin Fancy

  32. Grade 5
  33. A Trip to Drakensburg
  34. General Stuart's Reel
  35. 12 Coates Crescent
  36. Miss Hadden's Reel
  37. Lady Susan Stewart's Reel
  38. Miss Gibson's Strathspey
  39. Joie de Vivre
  40. The College Hornpipe
  41. Cape Town Wedding
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