A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing
[B 1969]

A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing
A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing

Compiled in association with The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Edited by Peter Knight

Due to popular member demand the RSCDS has now taken over the publication of A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing (formerly referred to as the 'Collins Book'). The guide is a valuable resource for new dancers with clear explanations of steps and formations of popular dances, but also makes a handy reference addition to the collections of veteren dancers. Intended as an introduction to Scottish Country Dances and also including a range of ballroom or so-called Ceilidh dances in addition to more traditional style country dances. Two CD's with music for a number of these dances are available to accompany the guide.

  1. Circassian Circle
  2. Clutha
  3. College Hornpipe, The
  4. Come Under My Plaidie
  5. Cumberland Reel
  6. Dashing White Sergeant, The
  7. Deil amang the Tailors, The
  8. Duke of Atholl's Reel, The
  9. Duke of Perth
  10. Earl of Mansfield, The
  11. Eightsome Reel, The
  12. Express, The
  13. Flowers of Edinburgh
  14. Foula Reel, The
  15. Foursome Reel, The
  16. General Stuart's Reel
  17. Glasgow Highlanders, The
  18. Hamilton House
  19. Happy Meeting, The
  20. Haymakers, The
  21. Highland Fair, The
  22. Hooper's Jig
  23. Speed The Plough
  24. Johnny Groat's House
  25. Russe, La
  26. Tempete, La
  27. Ladies' Fancy
  28. Lamb Skinnet
  29. Lea Rig, The
  30. Linton Ploughman
  31. Machine Without Horses, The
  32. Maxwell's Rant
  33. Middling, Thank You
  34. Montgomeries' Rant, The
  35. Monymusk
  36. Mrs MacLeod
  37. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet
  38. Neidpath Castle
  39. Petronella
  40. Reel of the 51st Division, The
  41. Reel of the Royal Scots, The
  42. Reel Of Tulloch, The
  43. Round Reel of Eight
  44. Sailor, The
  45. Scottish Reform
  46. Sixteensome Reel
  47. Strip the Willow
  48. Triumph, The
  49. Waltz Country Dance
  50. Waverley
  51. West's Hornpipe
  52. White Cockade, The
  53. Wild Geese, The
  54. Bees of Maggieknockater, The
  55. Belle of Bon Accord, The
  56. Blooms of Bon Accord
  57. Celtic Cross, The
  58. Curleywee
  59. Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The
  60. Dunedin Festival Dance, The
  61. Dunnet Head
  62. Foursome and Half Reel of Tulloch
  63. Good Hearted Glasgow
  64. Highlandman's Umbrella, The
  65. Highland Rambler, The
  66. Highland Welcome, A
  67. Letham Ladies
  68. Lord Maclay's Reel
  69. Mrs Macpherson of Inveran
  70. Mairi's Wedding
  71. J.B. Milne
  72. New Scotland Strathspey, The
  73. New Virginia Reel, The
  74. Postie's Jig
  75. Robertson Rant, The
  76. Rothesay Rant, The
  77. Saint John River
  78. Seton's Ceilidh Band
  79. Shiftin' Bobbins
  80. Thirtytwosome Reel
  81. Trip to Bavaria, A
  82. White Heather Jig, The
  83. Bluebell Polka
  84. Boston Two Step
  85. Britannia Two Step
  86. Canadian Barn Dance
  87. Circle Waltz
  88. Elephant Walk
  89. Eva Three Step
  90. Friendly Waltz
  91. Gay Gordons
  92. Hesitation Waltz
  93. Highland Schottische
  94. Kelvingrove Two Step
  95. Lambeth Walk
  96. Lomond Waltz
  97. Military Two-Step
  98. Mississippi Dip
  99. Palais Glide
  100. Pride of Erin Waltz
  101. Saint Bernard's Waltz
  102. Sheena's Saunter
  103. Social Swing, The
  104. Stern Polka
  105. Suzuki Circle, The
  106. Swedish Masquerade
  107. Va, La
  108. Veleta
  109. Virginia Reel

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